Mayari is an artist/producer making filipino inspired electronic music to connect with spirit.

With influences from artists such as Kelly Lee Owens, Four Tet, William Orbit and John Hopkins, Mayari features resonant analogue swirling synthesisers, soaring ethereal vocals and field recordings over thumping 4/4s.

Mayari not only holds a Bachelor of Music Production and a Bachelor of Film/Television, but she also is a graduate from acting school. Thus it is undeniable that Mayari is a true multidisciplinary creative and consequently has a unique all-encompassing process, approaching her music cinematically.

In Dec 2023 Mayari released her debut album “Womb” which explores the idea of healing of her body and spirit through her cultural roots. Mayari has also just begun performing her live sets around Naarm, which journeys through a unique fusion of ambient, trance and techno music in which the through line is all the songs have an ethereal or ritualistic quality. Each song in her set is performed with the intention of connecting to spirit.

Upon the release of her debut album, the leading single “Womb” received full rotation on FBI Radio (Dec 2023). Other singles on the album also received airplay on not only FBI Radio, but also PBS, RRR and KISS FM. Mayari’s previous releases under her old moniker “Ali Adriano” also saw a healthy airplay on aforementioned radio stations, and plenty of support from Triple J which led her to being selected by Nick Littlemore (Empire of the Sun), as winner for Triple J’s songwriting competition (2021).

Mayari has performed guest DJ mixes for Area 3000 Radio (Dec 2023, April 2024) and was commissioned by Multicultural Arts Victoria for compositional work. Mayari is also a recipient of Moreland City Council’s Flourishing Arts grant (2022), Melbourne City Arts grant (2023) and was winner of a scholarship for further study at Electronic Music School Berlin in June (2023). Notable live performance credits include Now or Never Festival (2023), and support slots for Honey Smack, Juno Mamba and Elle Shimada.

Mayari has just begun producing her follow up EP. With all music produced, engineered and mixed by Mayari, she is an exciting producer that is one to watch.